Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekly Vampire Fashion: Bella's Shoes

We all know that Bella is well-known for her casual look. This also comes to show in Bella's choice of footwear. Shoes. Yes, more shoes. A couple of weeks ago, the WVF tip of the week was Converse. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again; I love Converse. I currently have four pairs myself, well, five actually, if you count in the pair I can no longer wear because they're just too worn out.

Back to business: Converse isn't the only shoes Kristella wears in Twilight. During the meadow and spider monkey scenes, Bella sports these shoes:Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if the shoes she's wearing are actually the same pair in both scenes, and what kind of shoes they are. So I'll leave you with two alternatives: black Vans or these grey slip-ons.

Thanks to newly released New Moon pictures, including this pic from the Bella's birthday scene, I'm also able to give you the details on exactly what kind of shoes Bella is wearing to her birthday party; they're called Vans Gisele in Black Turtledove Linen (that is one long name for a shoe, if you ask me):
With its cute, casual style, the Vans Gisele is easy on the eyes and on the sole. This mary-jane inspired style offers extra appeal with a ribbed toe bumper and double-stitched topline. An unobtrusive instep strap, fastened with Velcro, completes this comfort-loving look.
Anyway, I am fairly sure about this one, that these shoes are actually the exact pair Bella is wearing in New Moon. And I guess I'm not the only one who's figured this one out, because the shoes are currently sold out in every internet shop I've seen so far. Here they are:
For a close-up of Bella's shoes on the picture to the left (though it's kinda bad quality) click here.

Sources for Twilight shoes through Kristen Stewart Style

Here are the results from last week's polls on which hairstyles you prefer (see the pictures HERE):

Kristen and Nikki: Blondes or brunettes?
56% voted blondes
44% voted brunettes
Kristen and Rachelle: Curly or straight hair?
58% voted curly
42% voted for straight hair
Ashley's hairtyle: Long hair or short like Alice?
75% voted long hair
25% voted short
Jackson's many hairstyles: Which do you prefer?
40% voted brown hair (picture 2)
30% voted dark brown/black hiar (picture 3)
20% voted for Jasper's blonde hair in Twilight
10% voted for the mohawk (picture 1)
Interesting results. I agree with the majority on most of them, except maybe that blonde/brunette one. I think both Kristen and Nikki looks way better with the more natural brown color.

Any good tips for next week's WVF tip? Email us at!
☮& ♥, BM


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  3. I have to agree I like the natural brown hair better myself.



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