Monday, July 6, 2009

Winner of MMV's Best Blog Contest!

We're celebrating our hundredth blog post by handing out Make Me a Vampire's 2009 Best Twilight Blog Award. (Okay, so this is our 94th post, but we like to start early). So, the award goes tooo... the one and only Twilight Moonlighter! Here's your award!

Twilight Moonlighter, also known as Pillow Biters, was kind enough to take some time off from her busy blogging schedule to let me interview her. So here we go:

First of all, congrats! For how long have you been a Twilight blogger, and what got you started/inspired to write a blog?

My first post was February 20, 2009- so I've been blogging for almost five months. This was my first post:

Three Reasons Why I Started This Blog:
* The Twilight DVD will be out in a month- eek!

* We need to start preparing NOW for the release of New Moon!
* No frickin' way. Eclipse will be released in June of 2010.
I have so many more things to do than to start this little blog. Working. Taking care of my kids. Being a responsible adult. But I don't have the strength to stay away from the Twilight Saga anymore. Damm Edward Cullen.

Why did I start? Well, I belong to an awesome Facebook group that a friend of mine started up for moms obsessed with Twilight. I found myself posting links to article constantly and decided that starting my own blog and linking back to that would be a much more productive way to harness my affliction.

Three words to describe your site:

snarky (though not as snarky as Twitarded)
newsy (though not as newsy as TwiCrack)
eye-candy (though not as beautiful as ROBsessed)
Take a diluted version of those three sites, shake them up, and you have my blog.

You have one of the top sites in the twilight fandom, with, according to 21 top Twilight blogs, an average of 4,000 visitors a day. Why do you think your blog have become so popular?

What- are you kidding me?! I do? Probably about 1/3 of those hits are mine. ;)

I have AMAZING readers- they're fun, snarky, whimsical, and all just as crazy about Twilight as I am. We all feed each other's addictions, and things that may not make it to the huge sites are often things that I think are pretty cool, which can be just as fun as the mainstream news.

How much time do you really spend on blogging?

Oh, if only ya'll knew.... WAY too much time. I have some new ventures as the Twilight Parents Examiner, Twilight Moonlighter at T5M and Hello! Magazine, and I'm still perfecting the art of juggling them all. But I have a surprise in store for the blog that will shake it up, so stay tuned! ;)

I'm on the computer by 8am, coffee in hand, and I take a few "mom" breaks here and there for breaking up fights, lunch, playing a game or two or reading to kids or swimming, fixing dinner, dinner and putting the kids to bed. Back on the computer by 8pm, usually until about 1am. Repeat. Except for the days that real life gets in the way and I'm off for hours. Then I get twitchy withdrawals. Thank goodness for my Blackberry.

If Robert Pattinson wasn’t playing Edward in Twilight (God forbid), would you still be as obsessed such a big fan?

HELL. NO. There's just something about Robert that is terribly addicting. I've never had a fangirl crush like I do on him. EVER. I think I'd still be obsessed with Twilight, though. There's something so endearing about the Cullen family, the storytelling ability of Stephenie Meyer, and the magnitude of the fan base, which I think would still be there were Pattinson not involved (heaven forbid).

When you’re not blogging, what keeps you busy?

Aside from some part time work as a freelance writer, my 3 kiddos and my hubby are my love and my life. That's part of the appeal of Twilight; for the first time in nine years, I have something that belongs to ME. My family is finally learning to deal with it.

Confess! Can you give us three confessions starting with, “Before Twilight, I…”

I don't remember life before Twilight. Seriously. But I'll try:
"Before Twilight, I was a responsible adult."
"Before Twilight, I kept up on the dishes and laundry."
"Before Twilight, I didn't sit and daydream."

Thanks for your time! Anything you’d like to say to all your “fans” and fellow addicts?

I don't think I have "fans," just fellow readers who make me feel completely normal in my obsession. And for that, I'm extremely grateful. Because of them, I've learned to ignore my inner voice requesting that I commit myself to a "special place."
Oh my gosh, you crack me up, TM. Head over to to check out her awesome blog! And thanks to everyone else who submitted their blog for the Best Blog Contest; your blogs are all great, so keep blogging!

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