Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Vampire Fashion: Converse

This week's fashion tip: Converse! I personally love Converse sneakers, and it certainly looks like Kristen Stewart agrees.

In Twilight, Kristella wore a a black low top Converse sneaker with her prom dress, like the one seen on the picture below. However, Kristen have been spotted wearing her Converse All Stars lots of times, including at the MTV Movie Awards last night (see picture above). Apparently, Kristen was supposed to wear pumps to the awards, but unfortunately she twisted her ankle before the show. I still think she rocked her dress with Converse though.

At the picture to the right, you can see Kristen sporting some of her Converse sneakers; dark blue ones and two different white pairs, plus the one she wore in Twilight (click to enlarge).
BM ♥ Converse

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