Saturday, July 18, 2009

More HitFix Interviews: Producer Wyck Godfrey, Michael Sheen & Taylor Lautner

In addition to the interview with Chris Weitz, HitFix also has these new interviews:

Excerpt from the one with Wyck Godfrey:
Q: What do you foresee might be the biggest challenges of bringing 'Breaking Dawn' to the big screen?
Let’s see. There’s this little character, this young character in that book, that I think is going to be really hard to …

Q: Renesmee maybe?
I think that to me is the biggest challenge.

Q: Or the birth scene is quite graphic. I mean that would take it over the PG rating.

My wife’s an OB-GYN so she says it’s a great way to get a baby out of…just chew your way through. It’s going to be like really exciting. No, obviously we’re not going to make a rated R movie. You’ve all read the books so I mean that’ll be a challenge. That’s really more of a challenge of just kind of doing it in a way where people aren’t going to walk out of the theatre because you don’t want to see that much.

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