Saturday, July 18, 2009 Visits New Moon Set in Vancouver has a VERY detailed minute-by-minute set report of their two days on the set of New Moon in Vancouver, with LOTS of spoilers and some really great interviews with the cast, screenwriter, the stunt coordinator etc. Go read it HERE! Excerpts from some of the interviews:
How was writing New Moon different from Twilight?
Melissa Rosenberg: In Twilight, you’re setting up the world. You’re introducing the world, and I was also writing in a vacuum because I didn’t know who the actors were going to be. Now you’re going to New Moon and Eclipse, and I could write specifically to them in my mind. So it becomes a more comfortable world.

New Moon is not about setting up the world, but it’s its own set of challenges because New Moon is very internal ... There’s been a lot of talk about how Edward and the Cullens are not a part of the middle of New Moon, but actually they are. Certainly Edward is very much alive in Bella’s mind throughout New Moon ... I think fans will be very satisfied with what we’re doing — one, because it’s true to the book and two, because there’s more Edward. That can’t be bad!

What went into your audition? Was there more than one?
Jamie Campell Bower: It was one day. I originally auditioned for the role of Demetri. I went in, did a taping. Chris wasn’t there. Then they called me back at like 2:00. Chris turned up; I met Chris. A week later I get a call like, "So, you’re not going to get Demetri, but we’re going to offer you Caius." I was like, "That’s cool!" I’m just psyched to be a part of it. It’s awesome.

On New Moon's underwater action:
Rachelle Lefevre: I spent six hours in a pool doing the underwater stuff. They did a really interesting thing where they did this amazing stunt with the bit where Bella gets caught in the tidal wave … I think it must have been 2,000 gallons of water in massive -- they looked like huge, rectangular cargo containers you put on the back of trains.

First, they did it with a stunt double, and then they did it with Kristen’s photo double, and then they literally, on action, pulled the hatch and she got pummeled with a massive tidal wave and you could watch underwater, which I did because I was in the pool, or you could watch in the monitor. You could literally see her spinning, they created a tidal wave, and they literally filmed until she got spit out. And when it spit her out, the cut was over.

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