Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Official New Moon site is up!

Check out for New Moon info, pictures and wallpapers! The site also has these features:
  • “Enter the Cullen House” interactive exploration
  • “Enter La Push Reservation” interactive exploration
  • “About” section with “Story”, “Cast”, “Crew” and “Worldwide” section
  • “Media” section with photos and videos includes upcoming film clips, TV spots and brand new images
  • “Downloads” Section with widgets, wallpapers and IM icons
  • “Mobile” section (coming soon)
  • “Community” section with links to Twilight sites
  • “Official Store”
  • “The World of Twilight” section (coming soon)
Here are some of the pictures/screenshots from the site (click to enlarge), don't they look AMAZING!?:Pictures through Robert Pattinson Life and NMM
Source through NMM

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