Monday, July 20, 2009

Band of Skulls on New Moon Soundtrack

In a recent interview with the LA Times, director Chris Weitz revealed some of the bands that will be on the New Moon soundtrack! Check this out:
Driving home from a day of post-production, Weitz says he understands what's at stake. There are 450 visual effects shots to complete, in addition to the score and the movie's soundtrack, which he says will feature songs from Radiohead, Muse and Band of Skulls, among others. But the sequences he's readying for the event -- one, an action scene that will feature some of those effects, the other, a love scene sure to elicit hysteria from the crowd -- will be done in time.
This is great news. Both Muse and Radiohead are awesome, and as we all know they were both featured on the soundtrack of Twilight as well (Muse with Supermassive Black Hole and Radiohead with 15 Step). Band of Skulls though, I've never heard of. But it's great with some new bands and music as well though, and from what I've listened to so far (which is like, one song, but still) I think they sound pretty good. Go check out their MySpace HERE.
Band of Skulls
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