Monday, July 20, 2009

MMV Music Monday: Summer Playlist

MMV Music what? In addition to my Weekly Vampire Fashion posts, I'm going to post an MMV Music Monday post every Monday. Why? Because music is like a drug to me. I heart music so much, you have no idea. In fact, I music almost as much as I Edward. Almost.

Anyway, I want to share my music obsession with you guys, so each Monday, I'll give you a playlist to listen to, a music video, Twilight soundtrack playlists or news, or anything else Twi-music related. See, I will keep this Twilight related, somehow, I promise (or, at least I promise I'll try). That said, I now present to you: MMV's Summer Playlist! Listen to it below, or click on the button saying 'pop-up player' to get it in a new window.

I didn't put too much thought into this playlist though, so the songs are kind of random. I just picked those songs who reminded me the most of summer, sun, love and.. well, that's pretty much it. How is it Twilight related? All of these bands, and I mean all of them, are on Stephenie Meyer's playlists for the Twilight saga books at her official website, including Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack's Mannequin, the All-American Rejects, the Killers, Ok Go and Plain White T's. Even some of these songs are on her playlists, including Mr Brightside, Time Stands Still and Wouldn't it Be Nice. Enjoy! (And seriously; you should listen to all of them!)

Standalone player
Did you like this playlist? Yes? No? Got suggestions for future playlists? Then say it. Out loud. Leave a comment and let me know!
♫ ☮ ♥, BM

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