Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the interviews keep coming..

Am I the only one who have lost track of all the new interviews that's been coming out this past week? I think not. So, with a little help from Twilight Lexicon, here's a list of the different interviews:

Chris Weitz interviewed by Rotten Tomatoes (is it just me, or is this the very same interview from HitFix?)

Taylor Lautner - HitFix

Taylor Lautner - MSN Superfan

Wyck Godfrey - HitFix

Rachelle Lefevre - MSN Superfan

Michael Sheen - HitFix

Jamie Campbell-Bower -

Charlie Bewley -

Melissa Rosenberg -

Melissa Rosenberg - HitFix

JJ Makaro -

Cameron Bright - MSN Superfan

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