Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Twilight Lexicon Interviews Charlie Bewley

Playing Demetri in New Moon, Charlie Bewley is quickly becoming a well known name to Twilight fans. The Twilight Lexicon had the opportunity to interview Charlie. You can read the whole interview at the Lexicon, where he talks about auditioning, filming and his character Demetri, one of the evil Voulturi vamps. Here's a snippet of it:

What parts of filming did you find challenging (ie green screen,
make-up). What was most enjoyable?

The experience on the New Moon set was a thrilling one. It’s this big hive of activity and everyone is working their proverbials off to pull this thing together. The crew were all brilliant, but I have to mention that Chris Weisz is just the coolest guy to work with. I still don’t really understand how he does it, but he just does, and brilliantly efficiently at that, without breaking any eggs.
It was great hanging around with the cast, on and off set. There are some great figures in this flick. Big shout back home to Jamie Cameo-Power, very entertaining. Special thanks also to the make-up department who were a lot of fun and kept us all awake and entertained at 5am call-times.
The most challenging thing was keeping away from the kraft tent. The food they serve up is damn good and I have a nut addiction which rivals your average lipid-deficient Brazilian squirrel.

Which member of the Volturi do you think the audience will find the most frightening?
Dakota. Jane. Both, in fact, are a little unnerving.


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