Sunday, May 24, 2009

MMV's 2009 Best Twilight Blog Contest

Hi everyone! MMV is currently hosting a Best Twilight Blog contest, which everyone who has a blog about Twilight can participate in. The rules are simple, and you still have plenty of time to enter. Here are the rules:
  1. You need to have your own Twilight blog. It can be twilight news, gossip, about the movies, the books, the characters or the cast, anything to do with twilight.
  2. Follow our blog, and leave a comment to this post, or send us a mail at, with your blog address (this is important). You may also write a description of your site, but please keep it to 100 words or less.
  3. You must enter before July 1st. The winner will be unveiled about a week later.
The prize is an awesome MMV Award (with your blog name on it) which you can put on your blog, and additionally, your blog will be featured in an article at both the MMV blog and forum.

You'll find updates on how the contest is going at the forum, which you may register for if you're not already a member. Any questions? Mail us at

The Staff


  1. I'm game!
    In a nutshell: I'm a freelance writer who feeds my kids cereal so I can muse the Twilight Saga 24/7. You can also find me over at: and
    xoxo, -Kim, aka PB

  2. Wow- this was a while ago- I've so revamped since then! (I loved PillowBiters too, and you can always call me that, or PB!) :)

    here's my updated deets:


  3. HEY.

    My blog is called Peace. Love. Twilight! and is located at
    Basically, I'm a girl with a serious passion for Twilight who blogs about it and posts news frequently. We have fan fiction reviews and several other fun features.

    My email is

    Thank you very much!



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