Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twilight The Movie

So, as we all know the "Twilight" movie was a multi million dollar success enjoyed by fans in several nations, but what we want to know is how you felt about the movie? Were there any mistakes? I know there were simple screen play mistakes (i.e. the harnness on Rob's shirt, no ketchup coming out in the diner) but twilighters had high expectations: were those standards met?

A big congrats to Catherine Hardwicke for pulling this movie together on a budget not ideal for the graphics and effects needed to make the story come to life. The biggest complaint circulating through the "twilight gossip" is casting. Many people were not pleased with Kristen Stewart, however we all support her and the rest of the cast. Personally, I liked Kristen Stewart's performance, but we respect all opnions.

The biggest issue I had with the movie was that it wasn't five hours long, and I only say that because to capture the plot line of the book, a movie would need to be at least that long. However, that is not practical for movie makers, haha. Some scenes that I missed were: "the blood typing scene" when Bella faints in Bio, because it showed the irony of her distaste for blood in comparison with his thirst for it; "Carlisle's History" In the book, Bella's first visit to the Cullen home is marked by a tale of how the coven came together and introduces the Volturi who are a vital part of New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn; "Jasper's Power" I believe that the film lost many viewers when it came to Jasper. Jackson did an excellent job, of course, but his ability and past was not included in the script therefore the viewers had no clue why he looked like he was in pain the entire movie.

Over all the movie met many of my expectations and got as close as it could to the book, doing Stephenie justice as well as her masterpiece.


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