Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Norwegian Twilight DVD Release

Tomorrow is the big day! Mark your calendars all Norwegian twi-fans! The Twilight DVD is finally being released here in Norway April 29. I'm really excited, and though I'm not going to attend any twilight DVD release parties I'll definitely go buy the DVD first thing tomorrow. Yesterday, a video of Robert Pattinson greeting the Norwegian Twilight fans was circulating the net and posted on every twilight blog I read, so of course, considering the fact that I'm a Norwegian and all, I have to post it here as well. *Squee* Rob know's there are twilight fans in Norway as well!

Okay, I still haven't actually heard what he's saying since I'm having issues with the sound on my computer. All I can make out is "..I'm Robert Pattinson" (right..?), so would anyone please be so kind and tell me what he is saying? I think he looks a bit tired though, poor guy. I'm sure all the promoting stuff can be quite exhausting (or just plain boring). Anyway, the important thing is; he knows the Norwegian twilight fans exists, which includes me. Haha :D

For those of you who are not Norwegian (which I guess is the majority of people reading this blog), let me just tell you that Twilight is huge here as well. All four books are bestsellers, both the English version and the Norwegian translations (though Breaking Dawn has yet not been translated), and the movie was a success as well. But the twilight madness is, obviously, way bigger in the US, a country of 306 million people, than in Norway, with a population of only 4,7 million.

From all Norwegian Twilight fans; Rob, we love you. You did an amazing job bringing Edward to life in Twilight. Thank you for the greeting, whatever you said, it was really nice. Good luck with any upcoming movies, especially New Moon!

..Oh, and yeah, if you're ever in Norway, Rob, give me a call!

Update (a few hours later): I got the sound working! Lol.

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