Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm back (kind of)!

I have finally, finally managed to restore my blogger password! That's why it's been a year (a year!), since I've updated this blog. Well, to be honest, it's also because I unfortunately suffered a temporary loss of interest in the world of blood sucking creatures. Sorry. BUT I never lost interest in the Twilight fandom; there are so many great people out there to get to know and so many hilarious conversations to be part of, stories to read, blogs to stalk and Roblicousness to consume, that I simply couldn't stay away for too long. So I only took a break from blogging, and I think I needed that.. It was becoming too much with the paparazzi like blogging obsession (new pics, new interviews, new premiers and omg-Kristen-changed-her-hair-color! Again!) that I simply didn't have it in me continue being a committed blogger anymore.

Anyway, I'm back now, if you ever did miss me (I bet you didn't), and I'll do the occasional update when I feel like it. For up to date info on everything that's going on in the Twi-verse I suggest you follow TwiCrackAddict's blog or check in on how Rob's doing (or just swoon a little over all the pretty pictures) over at Robsessed. And then, if you want the occasional snarky comments and random ranting about Robward's shirtless awesomeness, Kristen's somewhat lacking acting skills, or the cuteness of these two kissing in a cab (I'm looking at you, paparazzi pics) you can continue to follow me. I no longer promise to be politically correct, but I do promise to do my best at making you laugh, smile, or roll your eyes. That's it for now, but I'll come back when I have something interesting to share with you all.

Much love and peace, BM

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