Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Comic-Con 2009

MTV has a new article up about Comic-Con 2009. Here's an excerpt from it:

Every summer, the Hollywood Santa leaves the North Pole for San Diego. He slips down the Convention Center chimney for four very special days, leaving good geeks exclusive treats, never-before-seen footage and movie-star encounters. They call it Comic-Con, and it is Christmas for movie lovers.

Once again, your MTV Movies team is getting ready to cover the Con like no one else can. From preview night until the last stormtrooper turns out the light, we'll be providing extensive coverage across our Web site and blogs. To give you a peek inside our planning, here are the top 10 panels we're eager to see — be sure to keep it here July 23-26 for the latest news. (Keep in mind that all times are PT, and if you see MTV there be sure to give us a Vulcan salute, OK?)

"New Moon" (Thursday at 1:45 p.m., Hall H) — As anyone who owns the DVD has seen in the bonus features, "Twilight" mania erupted last year at Comic-Con, as the seemingly little-known film inspired die-hards to line up in record numbers. Now, San Diego is ready for "New Moon" mania, and our own Hollywood Crush will even be embedding a reporter to camp out with the Twilighters, providing up-to-the-minute experiences while waiting in line. As your home for all things "Twilight," you can trust MTV to be all over this panel like Jasper Hale on Bella's bloody finger. The cast of "Astro Boy" and "Sorority Row" will also be participating in the panel, answering such probing questions as "When will Robert Pattinson walk onstage?"

Picture above is from last year's Comic-Con.

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