Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NEW New Moon Pics

Twilight Sweden has three official and brand new New Moon movie stills up at their site! Amazing pictures! Well, I'm going to translate what it says on their site since, you know, I'm Norwegian and all and what with Sweeden being our neighbour country, our languages are quite simular. So here you go:

We have just had three new official pictures from New Moon sent to us by Nordisk Film (Nordic Film. A Scandinavian movie and TV production company). These have not yet been released at any website in the USA. OME!!!!!!!!

Below we have the pictures. Click at the links below them to view them in high quality.

Note that if you're going to use these pics on a website/blog, you must link back to us. (And then there's something about watermark that I don't understand since I don't even know what a watermark is). Thanks!

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