Thursday, June 4, 2009

MTV Movie Awards: Backstage With Rob

MTV News just posted another article and video from a backstage interview from the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. Robert tells MTV he actually hadn't seen the New Moon trailer before the show, and that from what he has seen, NM looks "amazing." Excerpt:
When RPattz wasn't getting faked out by Kristen Stewart, hit on by Jim Carrey or talking about whatever was in his pants, he took a moment to give a backstage interview to MTV News during the show.

MTV: Rob, you won Best Fight tonight. How did it feel up there on stage?"
Robert Pattinson: It made me feel really tough; really hard. I don't think I've ever won a fight in my life, so it was cool.

MTV: We're about to debut the "New Moon" trailer. Give us your reaction to it.
Pattinson: I haven't seen it yet.
MTV: You haven't?
Pattinson: This will be my first time seeing it.
MTV: Well, I'm sure you've seen the 15-second preview online, where you're kissing Kristen, right?
Pattinson: I haven't seen anything! I mean, from what I've seen from playback and stuff when I've been shooting it, it looks amazing. So I think ["New Moon"] should be [good]. I'm keeping it as a surprise from myself.

Thanks for the tweet, TwilightersAnonymous!

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