Monday, June 1, 2009

Most Memorable MTV Movie Awards Moments

Congratulations to the Twilight cast, and Catherine and Stephenie and all of you who made Twilight the best movie of the year! Here are some clips from the MTV movie awards; most memorable moments (according to me, that is):

The Golden Popcorn

Kristen wins best female performance and drops her golden popcorn (haha. She's awesome). Congrats, girl!

Twilight = Best Movie

Twilight wins best movie award!! Sqeee!

Cam "Gigngiget"

Rob and Cam Gigandet for best fight scene. Oh my Edward, I'm still LMAO and it's the fourth time I watch this. "...And Cam Gigngiget for Twilight!" It's Gigandet! Gigandet. Hilarious.


Rob. Seriously. What's up with the pants? Haaha. We love you though, congrats, congrats!!!

The kiss

MTV says: Robert Pattinson ditches his gum and braces himself for a super-steamy kiss with Kristen Stewart, only to have his Twilight co-star duck out and reject him. Guess she only came for the Golden Popcorn!
I say: I don't even see how this is possible. Kristen, what's wrong with you? Oh, and congrats once again. Definitely the best kiss of the whole freakin' history of films.


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