Friday, May 22, 2009

Entertainment Weekly - New Moon exclusive on-set peek


This week's EW has an exciting article about what goes on at the set of New Moon! Click to enlarge the scan above, or view it at Everglow, who scanned it. Or, you know, you could buy the magazine. Update: Entertainment Weekly posted the pictures from the article, with the details behind them:
Happy birthday, Bella! In this EW exclusive photo, the movie's newly 18-year-old heroine has been thrown against a rose-covered table by her beloved, Edward. Readers will know his intentions were honorable: He was trying to protect Bella (and her paper cut!) from the vampire Jasper. ''The whole cast is reading the book and wanting to get it right,'' says Weitz (center, with Stewart, assistant director Mike Topoozian, and makeup artist Robin Mathews). ''They want to deliver on the promise these books make to the readers.'

''I'm telling Bella not to be fearful of death. It's inevitable and painless,'' says Edi Gathegi, who returns in New Moon as the somewhat mysterious vampire Laurent, in this EW exclusive photo. ''He was bad in Twilight, but still had some compassion. Let's just say he's not conflicted anymore.''One of director Weitz's creative challenges is Edward's long absence in the novel: ''Rob was the first guy to say to me, 'You know, you don't really need to have too much of me in this film.' I don't want him too present, so his apparition will be a subtle, flitting effect — clearly a reflection of Bella's will and desire to see him.''


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